May 2022 Update

Hello dear readers. 

To say the quiet part out loud: this has been a properly terrible year, season, time? I had Covid twice, despite my best efforts and vaccinations. Then was being worked into the ground with the return of classes. And, to no one’s surprise, I then got pretty seriously injured and haven’t been able to sit up in a chair let alone draw for a quite a while. Suffice it to say I’ve had a number of mental health issues on top of everything else. Who wouldn’t?

This comic is a victory in as far as I was able to make it at all. I no longer respond to any messages asking where the comics are or where I’ve gone because I haven’t gone anywhere. I’ve been unable to make anything for quite some time. And not making these comics has been much, much worse for me than for anyone else. 

I wanted to announce here my plan for the next steps of Q2Q Comics. 

I’ll be compiling an omnibus of all of my Q2Q Comics as a single volume. This means starting from the beginning an undertaking a major redrawing project. Look, some of the early comics don’t hold up for their content and need to be expanded to feature the current cast of characters and some need to be scrapped entirely. Either way, they all need to be redrawn and standardized for print size and resolution. I’ll be making a concerted effort to retain the charm of the first batch of comics, while only modernizing the techniques. You’ll be able to see everything I’m working on here.  

That said, some comics are unsalvageable. I have my opinions, but if you have comics from the first 200 that are your absolute favorite strips, let me know and I’ll put them in the keep pile. Also let me know if you strongly want a volume 3 in addition to the omnibus. I really just want everything all in one place in a proper collection of the work.

Additionally, I can’t restock the shop at this time. It’ll just be books for a while, or forever. Shirts are heavy and difficult to manage for me, so it’s really a nonstarter. But I’ll draw Sad Wuggles on all your books forever. 

Thanks folks.



Book Signing! USITT 2019 in Louisville, KY!

Hiya, Folks! It’s that time of year again. USITT is right around the corner. This year it’s in Louisville, KY! And, once again, I will be at the conference doing a book signing in conjunction with the USITT bookstore!

Friday March 22nd from 4pm to 530pm on the Scene Design Stage on the Stage Expo floor!

Copies of Q2Q Comics Volume 2 will be available in the USITT Bookstore. But I’ll sign just about anything you put in front of me. I will be doing character sketches and there will be stickers and other goodies to be had at the signing table, so stop on by!

Liz, several La Ropasucias, Blorp and I will also be out wandering the Conference and Stage Expo from Wednesday through Saturday, so if you see us upstanding citizens and the little Gremlins around, feel free to say hi! We’re friendly.


Costume Contest Submissions Close Tonight!

This is it folks. Today is the last day to get your entries for the costume contest in. Submissions close tonight at midnight. The winners will be announced tomorrow!

If you want your chance to win some original art, or prints, send me your best Morty, Wuggles, Cass, or any member of the Q2Q Crew!

Summer Schedule!

Hi Folks! It’s Summerstock time!

I’m at my summer theatre home from now until October which, once again, means a few things:

  • I will not be maintaining a strict three-a-week update schedule. It’ll be more like one-a-week, but sometimes more, sometimes less. It’ll be especially slow this month while we’re busy loading in for the season. I’ll be making more comics once the first show opens and my schedule stabilizes.
  • New comics will continue appearing monthly in Stage Directions magazine. No interrupted service there.
  • The shop is closed until October. I don’t have any of my merchandise with me and will not be able to ship anything, including prints. I am also not taking commissions for the duration (and probably won’t be taking any while I’m fulfilling the volume 2 kickstarter rewards through the end of the year, if I’m being honest).
  • I won’t be as active on the usual internet places, so if you need  to get in touch, use the contact form instead of sending a message on facebook/tumblr/wherever.

That’s it folks! If you’re off to your summer home, too, I wish you well! Have fun and make good art!


Kickstarter Update: The Campaign Is Over! We’re Funded

Woo! The campaign is over and we are funded!

280% Funded, actually.

That makes: 904 Backers. $42100 Pledged. 951 Books.

Thank you, everyone. You made this happen. Thanks you for backing and for sharing and for reading the comics.

I, uh, guess I’ve got to go make this book thing now, huh?

I will be posting process updates on Kickstarter occasionally, but the best places to go for the latest information will be FacebookTwitter, and Tumblr. If you want to see pictures of my cats, follow along on Instagram. And if you want to be part of some of the decision making process, you can become a patron of Q2Q Comics on Patreon. I have been and will continue to post polls and ask for suggestions from my braintrust over there.

Again, thanks to all of you beautiful backers. Especially you. I’m so excited! I can’t wait for you to see this book!