Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes this comic, anyway?

Steve's first time on headset. Circa 1990.

Steve’s first time on headset. Circa 1990.

Q2Q Comics is written and drawn by Steve Younkins. In the sixth grade, he was chastised for doodling in the margins of a math test. He started drawing comics in 2004 and has drawn webcomics since 2007. He has worked in the theatre industry since 2008.

He is from Maryland, but currently lives in Boston for some reason. He is currently the Sound Supervisor for the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. He previously worked as the Audio Supervisor for STAGES St. Louis in Kirkwood, MO. He is a former company member of the Maryland Ensemble Theatre in Frederick, MD, where he worked primarily as a Sound Designer. He used to teach Improv and play D&D with kids at the Boys and Girls Club. He attended grad school at Hood College in Frederick, MD, where he studied Modernism and Narrative Theory in the Humanities department. He received his BA in English Literature with a minor in Writing from Hood in 2011 where he also was an editor and wrote comics for the newspaper, and was the student technical assistant for the Theatre program.


Liz, Steve, and La Ropasucia at USITT 2016 | Credit to USITT

Liz Hastings helps out a bunch, too, as a shop assistant, editor, and co-table person at conferences. She reminds Steve to drink water from time to time, puppets the La Ropasucia plushie like a pro, and she’s a damn good prop carpenter, too.

Liz and Steve have two adorable kitties named Potato and Spoops. Poe is the Assistant Regional Manager of Knocking Shit Off My Desk and Spoopsy is a perfect little angel who has never done anything wrong in her life. They are also the main feature on his instagram page.

Is Q2Q Comics on social media? 

You can follow Steve and Q2Q Comics in these places:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Comic updates are simultaneously posted on Facebook and Twitter, and eventually on Instagram, too. Steve follows the #q2qcomics and #whydoesthissoundbad hashtags on Instagram.

Do you just follow me around recording what I say and making comics about it?

No, it only seems like that. Don’t get all para-social about this.

Okay, but how are the comics made?

Through the mid-500s, the comics were hand drawn on 5×17 smooth bristol board with (mostly) Kuratake Pocket Brush pens, Zebra Brush pens, and Sakura Pigma Micron pens before being colored digitally. Currently, the comics are drawn completely in Photoshop. He draws them the night they’re posted and they take, on average, 3 hours from concept to publishing. The font used in the comics is Steve’s own hand-lettering font, and no you can’t have it.

But are the characters based on real people? 

Some of them. Not all of them. About half of the comics are actual things that have happened to Steve, or his friends, or are based on stories that have been sent in, and the other half are things that made Steve really giggly so he drew them. La Ropasucia is real though. Blorp too.

Can I send you comic ideas? 

You can send Steve theatre stories! He enjoys hearing about them and sometimes they’ll inspire a comic, but don’t send things like “in panel one Morty does this…” Those make Steve grumpier than he usually is. And he’s already pretty grumpy.

Why weren’t there any comics during the pandemic? 

Steve was depressed and unemployed like everyone else and he couldn’t figure out how to be funny about that.

But what was Steve doing if not making comics? Shouldn’t he have had lots of extra time for them?

Well, Steve had to take a survival gig working for Wyrmwood Gaming and from that developed an RSI resulting in trigger finger in his drawing hand, and that’s only slowly improving. It was not a good time.  But there are comics again now.

Are there any articles or reviews out there about Q2Q Comics?

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“Infinitely amusing, profoundly relatable, and diabolically true…”
2016 Pooled Ink Review of Q2Q Comics Vol. 1

Has Steve written any other comics?

Circ Jockeys (2007-2011)
Doomsday Sandwiches (2014)

Cool, cool. So, how can I support the comic?

I always need pens and paper and food, and things. You can help by supporting the project on Patreon or by donating! You can also buy t-shirts, books, prints, and assorted what-nots from the Q2Q Store.