Annnnnd We’re Back!

We’re home from Ft. Lauderdale and had an amazing time at USITT. We’ve got lots of new stuff in the works that we can’t talk about yet, but new cool stuff is forthcoming.

There are entirely too many people to thank for showing us a good time, so have a ton of pictures of La Ropasucia causing mischief at the conference!

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*NOTE: La Ropasucia DID NOT set off the fire alarm on Saturday. He was too busy with a lobby photo op .

Thanks to everyone that came through the signing line and everyone that stopped to talk with me on the expo floor! We made some great new friends and that really makes everything worth it. Thank you!

Regular comics to resume on Wednesday!



Volume 2 Kickstarter Update: 200% Funded! Stretch Goal Unlocked!

We just crossed to $30K pledged line which makes us 200% funded and unlocks the second stretch goal! Woop!

Now every copy of Vol. 2 ordered through the Kickstarter campaign will have an individual number stamped on it. This way you can prove that you were one of the first people in the universe to get this book! You’re so much cooler than all of your friends, and we have always thought so, but now you can prove it empirically!

Next stretch goal unlocks at $40K: Cryptid Sticker Packs! Get a reward with a book, and you’ll get a pack of sweet looking die-cut La Ropasucia and Blorp stickers. Slap ’em on your road cases to ward off mischief.

And I still really want to make those covers glow in the dark.

If you haven’t backed the campaign yet, you can do so here!



Signing Event: Q2Q Comics USITT Ft. Lauderdale!

I’ll be doing a signing event at USITT Ft. Lauderdale!

Friday March 16th at 4pm in the Lobby by the Bookstore.

Prints will be available to purchase in the Bookstore, and I’ll sign essentially anything else you bring through the line.

A brief and incomplete list of unusual things that I have signed at USITT:

  1. Bag of goldfish crackers
  2. 4’x6′ Painting of Wuggles
  3. Yamaha Sound Reenforcement Handbook
  4. A Lighting Design Textbook
  5. Foam Fingers

We’re not selling anything at the table this time around, but we will have original art to view and, in the spirit of USITT, we’ll be giving out some swag.

ALSO: If you show me that you’ve backed the Q2Q Comics Vol. 2 Kickstarter, I will do a character doodle card for you!

I’ll probably do that whenever, not just at in the signing line, honestly.

And please, if you see us at the conference, don’t be afraid to come up and say hello!


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Happy 4th Birthday Q2Q Comics!

Four years ago today I posted a couple of comics about theatre on Facebook. Four days later I’d decide to make more and call them Q2Q Comics.

Today, I’ve drawn 449 comics that have been viewed more than 50 million times. I’ve published one collection and we’re kickstarting another right now. There are books, t-shirts, and prints in every state in the US and province in Canada, and in more than a dozen countries around the world. The comics have even been set dressing on Broadway (It’s true!).

It’s bonkers, folks.

I count myself as incredibly lucky to be able to make comics and do theatre for a living. I’ve met scores of amazing people doing this. And, really, I only get to do this because of you. Thank you.

I’ll keep making comics if you all keep reading them.



Vol. 2 Kickstarter: 20K! First Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Heyo, check this out folks!

The Vol. 2 Kickstarter just hit $20K! This unlocks the first stretch goal! The book will now include 20 additional comics, bring it up through #440!

There’s still 28 days left in the campaign! I really want to have the cover text glow in the dark on this one, too.


Vol. 2 Kickstarter: 100% Funded!

We did it! The Q2Q Comics Vol. 2 Kickstarter is already 100% funded! 


The day 1 stats: 103% Funded at $15,502 pledged by 328 backers!

We actually hit our funding goal in 22 hours and 54 minutes, beating Vol. 1 time by an hour and 4 minutes, even though the goal for Vol. 2 was higher. It’s nuts, really. I am beyond thrilled to see the response to this! Thanks yous are in order for everyone that his pledged and shared the campaign! Thank yousss!

We’ve also done two groups of the Departmental Mystery Boxes that have already been devoured. Yes, we are going to add more, but we need to do some math to see just how many we can make. So, stay tuned for that.

If you haven’t reserved your copy of the book yet, have no fear! The campaign is running until 3/24 at 12am EST. You can reserve your copy of Vol. 2 here! And remember: Kickstarter is pledge based. You are not charged anything until the campaign ends. If you want to do something to support the campaign, but can’t pledge or think books are dumb, then please share the project with your friends, co-workers, and other groups of likeminded individuals.

And now it’s time for stretch goals. Here’s what we’re hoping to unlock over the remaining 29 days of the campaign:

Okay, so sure the 100K goal is lofty, of course, but don’t you want to try for that sweet, sweet exposure?

We raised just over $40k for Vol. 1 and I’m hoping that we can break the $50k mark for Vol. 2!

Thanks again!



The Q2Q Comics Vol. 2 Kickstarter is LIVE!

Click here to reserve your copy of Q2Q Comics Vol. 2!

The kickstarter campaign for Q2Q Comics Vol. 2 is now live!

We’re looking to raise $15,000 to do a first print run hardback featuring comics #221 through #420.

The campaign will run from 2/21/18 to 3/24/18.

The Vol. 1 campaign was fully funded in 24 hours and raised $40,383 from 1085 backers over 30 days, and we’re expecting an even better turn out for Vol. 2.

You’ll be able to get the physical book signed, doodled or plain, single or in pairs, and a digital download of the DRM-free PDF of the book as soon as that becomes available. Everyone who backs the campaign for $5 or more will also get their name in the book!

We’re also doing something super special this time around: Department Themed Mystery Boxes. You pick your department (audio, electrics, scenery, stage management, paints, etc.) and we’ll curate a mystery box for you, that could contain, but is not limited to, prints, artwork, hand made things, stuffed animals, clothing, gremlins, stationary, stickers, the true meaning of friendship, buttons, hand written notes, ya know, general loot crate-y stuff.

Liz and I have been having a lot of fun brainstorming for this reward tier and I’m super excited to be able to offer it this time.

I’ll be posting updates about the campaign here, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. If you want to follow more closely, become a patron on Patreon!




4th Annual Costume Contest Winners!

We had more submissions this year than in all previous years combined!

I’ve sifted through the heaps of entries to bring you the best of the best.

And the winners are *drumroll*…

1st Prize: Morgan as Blorp

Runner-Up: Samantha as Jo
Runner-Up: Thom as Leo


First prize this year is taking home a stuffed cryptid and a doodled copy of Q2Q Comics Vol. 1, while the runners up are getting signed prints of the comic of their choice.

Thanks to everyone that submitted! It was a very competitive field this year. There were so many good costumes.

Let’s do it again next year!



4th Annual Q2Q Comics Costume Contest!

It’s that time of year again! Submissions for the 4th Annual Q2Q Comics Costume Contest is open!

Dress up as your favorite Q2Q Comics character and send pictures to with “Costume Contest” in the subject line.

Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 entries.

Submissions will be accepted until midnight on 11/1 and the winners will be announced on 11/2.


Q2Q Comics Shop has Re-Opened! Regular Updates to Resume!

That’s right folks. I’m back from my summer gig and ready to sling some swag and make some comics.

This means that regular updates will resume on Monday 10/16!

And the Q2Q Comics shop is open again, too! I’ve got all the usual stuff: shirts, books, prints, buttons, posters, and original comics. Plus, I’ve got a metric butt ton of stuffed La Ropasucias and Blorps available! A big thanks to KatMat Designs for making all those adorable cryptids!

I’m taking orders now and I’ll start shipping again next week.

I’m happy to be back and I can’t wait to get back to posting comics.


Off to Summer Stock! Q2Q Shop Closed Until October

I’m super excited to be heading off to my summer gig this weekend! To everyone else who’s traveling, have safe trips and do good work!

So, I’ll be in St. Louis until mid-October, and I’ll be in a new position with greater responsibility. I expect to be super busy, so, I will not be bringing the whole Q2Q Comics shop with me this time.  The shop will be closed and I won’t be selling merchandise again until October 15th.

However! When the shop does re-open in October, it will be fully restocked with shirts, books, prints, and the stuffed cryptids! So look forward to that.

And fret not! I will still be posting comics all summer.

Also: we’re getting awfully close to Vol. 2. I hope to launch the Kickstarter for that  before the end of the year, so look out for that, too.



Doodled Books and New Buttons!

I’m doing more Doodled Books this weekend!

Click here to order yours!

I’m only putting up a few this time around, but I don’t do this often, so if you want to get your favorite character drawn in your book, you should get yours now!

Oh, and make sure you tell me which character you want me to draw, or else you’ll get Sad Wuggles or La Ropasucia! And I like drawing Sad Wuggles… I don’t know why; it’s just my favorite.

Oh, AND! If you visited our table at USITT this year, you may have gotten your hands on the new button designs! Set C is now available in the shop.

Check ’em out!

This set includes Be Like the Noble Moth, Dinos on Headset, Pizza Party in the Shop, This Is NOT A Hammer, The Evil Sewing Machine, and a sneaky La Ropasucia.

We made a few updates to Set A and Set B as well, so peek over at those, too!



UPDATE! USITT Meet & Greet/Book Signing Time and Location

usitt-2017-book-signingThe time and location for my Meet & Greet and Book Signing at USITT have been changed!

The event will now start at 4pm at the USITT Bookstore outside of the Stage Expo.


Theatre Cryptid Plushies Now Available for Pre-Order!



Theatre Cryptids have been sighted!


Crocheted Plushies of La Ropasucia and Blorp are now available for pre-order from the Q2Q Shop.

Get your own little theatre gremlin, La Ropasucia as Morty calls him, to liven up your booth and take the blame for all the goings-wrong and mishappenings!

La Ropasucia sits about 7″ tall and is 12″ from tip of horn to tip of tail and is adorably mischievous.

Do you or someone you know have paint cans so old they may contain ancient Lovecraftian horrors? Drop the subtle hint that it may be time to cull those old cans with Blorp, the adorable little ancient paint can horror!

Blorp spans the width of the void, and is as tall as the gapping maw of infinity. But the 3 dimensional immersion our universe allows our tiny minds to comprehend is about 12″ from top of head to tip of tentacle, 3.5″ sitting up, and the tentacles stretch to about 12″.

You can pre-order your own La Ropasucia or Blorp here!


These handmade crochet character plushies are made by Kate Younkins of Katmat Designs! The original La Ropasucia was designed by Susan Younkins.



Book Signing at USITT 2017 in St. Louis!


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Look at those sweet pictures from the Q2Q Comics signing at USITT 2016 in SLC!

Guess what! I’ll be doing another book signing/meet and greet at USITT 2017 in St. Louis!

4:30pm on Friday, 3/11/17 on the Stage Expo Floor! 

I’ll share the exact location when I know. There will be copies of Q2Q Comics Vol. 1 and some assorted prints for sale at the USITT bookstore, and we’ll have original comics and some other goodies for sale at the table, too.

Last year, I signed books, prints, stickers, conference badges, shirts, a foam finger, and one person had me sign a sound design text book. I will write my name on anything you put in front of me because I have zero standards.

This is literally my favorite part of the year, so come out and say hi and let me deface your property!



La Ropasucia Pattern Available On Patreon!

tumblr_ogc0r0dlgh1txudw9o1_500It’s true! I’ve posted the pattern for the little La Ropasucia crochet plushie on the Q2Q Comics Patreon page for anyone pledging $1 or more a month!

My mother made the one pictured and wrote out the pattern, and I think he’s super adorable.

Oh, and for being a $2/mo Patron you’ll also get access to previews of most of the comics before they go live!



Sidenote: I will be at USITT again this year, and I will be doing a signing event again, I just don’t have all the details yet. As soon as I do, I’ll pass them along!



3rd Annual Q2Q Comics Costume Contest Winners!

Here are your winners for the 3rd Annual Q2Q Comics Costume Contest:

First Place: Kim as Morty

Runner Up: Beth as Morty, Dennis as Steve, and Rob as Wuggles

Runner Up: Heather as Morty, Sharon, and Sam


Congratulations everyone! Stellar work!

Thank you for all of the wonderful submissions! I’m looking forward to the 4th Annual Q2Q Comics Costume Contest next year!




Holiday Special! Take 15% Off In The Q2Q Shop!



The 3rd Annual Q2Q Comics Costume Contest!

It’s that time of year again! The 3rd Annual Q2Q Comics Costume Contest is going on!

Dress up as your favorite Q2Q Comics character (get creative with it!), take some snazzy photos and then send them to shop at q2qcomics dot com! Prizes will be given out to the top entries!

This year’s top prize is a signed and doodled upon copy of Q2Q Comics Vol. 1!

Submissions will be accepted until midnight on 11/1 and the winners will be announced on 11/2!




Summerstock Sale in the Shop!

Summerstock Discount

Summerstock Sale in the Q2Q Shop!

Until June 1, use the Code “summerstock” to get a 15% discount on your order from the Q2Q Shop!


Free Comic Book Day 5/7!

Free Comic Book Day is fast approaching! I’ll be at Beyond Comics in Shepherdstown, WV from 10 am to 3 pm signing and doodling books!



The Books Are (Finally) Available for Pre-Order in the Shop!

Cover Closed


You can place your order now, and they’ll be shipped out immediately after the Kickstarter rewards.

I’ll be putting them up in waves, so if we sell out today, check back tomorrow for more.

This is the same hardcover book as the Kickstarter. And you can choose to get it signed if you want!

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The Books Have Arrived!

We got our copies of the book in today!

So the next few weeks will be dedicated to shipping out the Kickstarter rewards. I’ll be signing and doodling until my arm falls off; it’ll be great!


The remaining books will be available for sale soon in the Q2Q Comics Shop!




USITT Update and a Book Signing Tomorrow!

This week at USITT 2016 in Salt Lake City has been incredible so far! 

Lots of folks have been coming up to say hi and introduce themselves, which is a lot of fun. I’ve met a ton of talented artists this year, and got to speak in front of a whole host of people yesterday morning at the Young Designers and Technicians Awards!


Thanks to David, Janet, and Carol from USITT for all of their help and effort this week!

I got to see a physical copy of the book for the first time! And then the USITT bookstore promptly sold out of copies of Q2Q Comics Vol. 1 on Wednesday, which has me flabbergasted. The response this year has been exhilarating. 

Tomorrow, that is to say Saturday 3/19, starting at 10am is my first actual book signing! We’ll be outside of the bookstore on the Stage Expo floor. Don’t be fooled by the name “book signing”: I’ll be signing damn near anything placed in front of me. Books, prints, shirts, napkin ground plans, whatever you’ve got! Oh, and taking pictures of us together to make your friends who couldn’t make it super jealous is totally cool, too. 

Oh, and we’ll have original comics art for sale, too! (We’re better set up this year to accept both cash and major credit cards, so no worries.)


Any way, hope to see you tomorrow, if you can make it!



Vote for a new Q2Q Crew Member!

I’ll be away this week at USITT in Salt Lake City, so there won’t be full comics on Wednesday or Friday, though I’ll probably be doing sketches and posting updates, so make sure to check  twitter, Facebook, tumblr, and instagram.

In the mean time, I’ve got a favor to ask of you! I’m going to be adding some new characters to the Q2Q Crew and I want your input!


Have at it! The voting ends on 3/20 at midnight.


A message from your friendly neighborhood cryptid:




Book Signing at USITT in SLC!

I’ll be at the USITT conference again this year! It’s in what I can only assume is beautiful Salt Lake City. I’ll probably be wandering around the stage expo most of the time all slack jawed and awestruck by all the cool stuff. So, you could try to catch me there, just don’t sneak up on me because I know Tae Kwon Do and, while I might be rusty, those instincts are still intact. So watch out!


USITT 2015

OR! (and I would prefer this) you could just catch me during the scheduled Book Signing event on Saturday 3/19 at 10am!

There’ll be copies of the book for sale at the USITT Bookstore during the conference along with some t-shirts (including the return of the Thank You Five shirt!) and a selection of prints (Anatomy prints for each character, and a couple of different full comics). We’ll also have original artwork from the comics for sale during the signing. And while it’s called a “book signing,” don’t let the name fool you; I’ll sign anything put in front of me. That’s an exaggeration. No it’s not. Either way, we can test the limits of that statement on 3/19.

Or you could come to the Young Designers and Technicians awards on Thursday at 10am and listen to me give a, what’s it called? Remarky talky thing? A speech! That’s the one. You heard it right: they somehow managed to talk me into speaking at the YD&T Awards. I’ll do my best.

Here’s a lovely article from USITT’s Sightlines announcing what all I’m doing at the conference. 


Q2Q on Vacation!

Hello dear readers!

Yesterday we approved the proof for the book and it has been sent to the printers! So everything is out of hands until the books come in. I am very excited to share it with you all. (Oh, and there’s a super secret surprise on the cover!)

I am personally exhausted, so I am taking a short vacation.  I flew out to Seattle to spend a few days with my girlfriend and her family, and she and I will be driving back to Maryland over the next week, visiting some friends along the way.

The Q2Q comics online Shop will be closed until 1/21/16.

New comics will resume on 1/25/16.

Thanks! See you all again soon.


Kickstarter Is In The Home Stretch!

We’re getting close to end! With only 3 hours to go, there are still some doodle books left for the taking!

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 8.33.46 PM

If you’re one of those midnight hour, last minute, or procrastinating types (like me), then fear not! Your moment has arrived.

This whole process has been phenomenal. There are over 1,000 backers supporting this project. I can’t wait to share the books with everyone!

Thank you all so much!



Stretch Goal #5 Reached! (More Doodled Books Added!)

It’s the final day, and we just crossed the $35K mark, which means that more Doodled Books are available at the $30 and $50 reward tiers!

Backers, if you missed out on the doodled books earlier, this is your chance to snag one! There won’t be any more available after this.

If you haven’t backed yet, there’s still a few hours left!

Thanks so much to everyone for backing and supporting the campaign! With 14 hours and one stretch goal left, we’re in the final push now!

KS Stretch Goals 35k



Only Hours Left On the Q2Q Comics Vol. 1 Kickstarter!

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 1.38.11 PMThere is only a little bit of time left to get your copy of the first Q2Q Comics Book!

Time is winding down. There’s only a few hours to go on the campaign, and it is currently over 250% funded! We’ve hit a number of stretch goals, in case you missed it, and now the books will be hardcover, individually numbered, and feature the first 220 comics!

I’ve also been going through all of the comics writing commentary and digging out the original sketches of characters and the earliest comics, and that will only be available in the book.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the campaign, both by pledging and by sharing it. The Kickstarter has been so successful and we get to actually make a book all because of you. Thank you!



Kickstarter Update: 200% Funded and Hardback Books!

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 7.33.34 PM

The Q2Q Comics Vol. 1 Kickstarter Campaign is still going strong!

With a little over 2 weeks to go, we are 200% funded and have just passed the third stretch goal! This means that every copy of the book ordered through the Kickstarter will now be hardback instead of paperback. That’s not a thing that I’m going to do with the regular future printings of this book, so if you want it hardback, the only way to get it is going to be through the Kickstarter.

Thanks again for all of the support! Even those who can’t back the project, thanks for sharing the link with your friends and co-workers. That’s an invaluable way to contribute, and I appreciate it.



2nd Annual Costume Contest Winners!

First Prize: Alesha, Danny, Simone, Ellen, and Deidre from UWSP as the Crew!

 First Prize: The Crew from UWSP as the Q2Q Crew from the Anatomy Comics. L to R: Dierdre as Cass, Ellen as Wuggles, Simone as Sam, Danny as Steve, and Alesha as Morty.

First Prize: The Crew from UWSP as the Q2Q Crew from the Anatomy Comics. L to R: Dierdre as Cass, Ellen as Wuggles, Simone as Sam, Danny as Steve, and Alesha as Morty.

Runner-Ups: MJ and Jessi from CA as Sam and Morty; Dorie from MD as Morty

Thanks to everyone who submitted a costume they were all excellent! We’ll do it again next year!



Costume Contest and Kickstarter News!


Submissions for the 2nd Annual Q2Q Comics Costume Contest are now closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted!

The winners, one first place and two runners up, will be announced later today, after the winners have been notified. So check back later for that.


Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 2.31.50 PM


The Q2Q Comics Volume 1 Kickstarter is still going strong! We’re over 160% funded approaching our second stretch goal, which would add 20 more comics to the book. After that, we’re eyeing up making the edition hardcover, which would be super cool.

Thanks to everyone for backing and sharing it. You’re all amazing!



Last Chance for Costume Contest Entries!

The 2nd Annual Q2Q comics Costume Contest is almost over!

Today is the last chance to enter the costume contest. Submissions will be accepted until Midnight EST. Winners will be chosen tomorrow, with the announcement coming after everyone has been notified.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far!

Costume Contest 2015


Announcement: A Q2Q Comics BOOK?!

KS On BookYes! You heard it right. Q2Q is finally going to be ON BOOK, or well, in a book.

It’s going to be a collection of the first 200 strips, plus concept art, commentary, and some super secret art just for the book (shhh!).

To get the book printed, we’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign! The goal is to raise $12,000 to be able to print and ship 2,000 copies of the book by March of 2016.

If you back the Kickstarter, you can get your name into the book itself as part of a list of amazing people backers! You can also pre-order the book through the campaign, and get it signed or have your favorite Q2Q crew member doodled on it. You can also get comic prints, or a drawing of you in the style of the Anatomy comics, or come see a show with me!

Many of the rewards are limited, so if you’ve got your eye on one, you’d better act quickly!

I am so excited to finally be able talk about this! Please check out the campaign!



Don’t Forget to Submit Your Entries for the Costume Contest!


It’s Halloween and the deadline to submit entries into the 2nd Annual Q2Q Comics Costume contest is fast approaching! If you’re dressing like a character from Q2Q Comics, make sure you get pictures and enter them in the costume contest! Prizes will be award to First place and a few runner-ups. A special prize will be awarded to the best La Ropasucia and Prop Cat couples costume!

Submit your entries to with the subject line “Costume Contest.” Entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on 11/4/15. Winners will be announced on 11/5/15.

Costume Contest 2015


Announcing: The 2nd Annual Q2Q Comics Costume Contest!

Costume Contest 2015

It’s back again for the second year in a row! The Q2Q Comics Costume Contest!

Dress up as your favorite Q2Q Comics character for halloween, submit photographic evidence, and you could win prizes!

Email submissions to with “Costume Contest” as the subject line. Winners will be chosen on 11/5/15. Submissions will be accepted right up until 11:59pm on 11/4/15.

And a special prize will be separately awarded to the best La Ropasucia and Prop Cat couples costume.

I can’t wait to see all amazing costumes! Break legs!

Winners from Last Year’s contest can be found here!


Q2Q Comics at SPX!

Q2Q SPX Table H5

Come meet Steve at SPX in Bethesda, MD, THIS WEEKEND! 11a-7p on 9/19 and 12p-6p on 9/20

We’ll have t-shirts, buttons, prints, and original comics available! There’ll also be a limited number of prints of Comic #220 that will only be available at SPX!


On the Road Again!

Steve is on the road right now traveling to Seattle. There’ll be no full updates this Wednesday or Friday, but regular updates will resume next Monday, 7/27.


Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Tumblr for some doodles and pictures from the road!


Original Q2Q Comics Artwork Now For Sale!

Interested in owning some original Q2Q Comics Art?


I’ve decided to make the original art for almost every comic available for sale! They’re all hand drawn, hand lettered, initialed and dated by yours truly.

Check out the price sheet for availability, then use the contact form to get in touch with me to purchase them!



“This Is Not My Paint Shirt” now available for pre-order!

Paint Shirt Presale

“This Is Not My Paint Shirt” T-shrits are available for Pre-Sale over in the Q2Q Shop! Both mens and ladies styles available. Items will Ship on or around 6/29/15.

This shirt is just asking to get covered in paint. The heather grey is the perfect color to contrast just about any color of paint that you get on it. It’ll be like a wearable memory of everything you’ve worked on. Or it could just be a t-shirt with paint on it. Your call.


Q2Q Comics is on the road!

Look for updates on my St. Louis road trip,  including doodles of the day, on both Tumblr and Instagram!

Regular updates will begin again on Memorial Day, 5/25/15!



Q2Q News

DC Theatre Scene Magazine did an article on me and Q2Q Comics.

I’ve got some great stuff in the pipeline: On May 2nd, I will be at Beyond Comics in Shepherdstown, WV signing and sketching for Free Comic Book Day!

I’ll also be launching a Kickstarter for the first Q2Q Comics collection very soon, so stay tuned for that. There’ll be tons of fun and unique rewards for donating, in addition to getting the book.

Also: I will be at SPX in Bethesda, MD in September. Details to follow.

Check out this Q&A I did with Exuent Magazine’s David Ralf!


USITT 2015

Hey ya’ll! I just got home from USITT, and I’m going to go pass out for a few days, but here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had an absolute blast. I hope to see you all in Salt Lake City next year for USITT 2016!