Mischief Adventures at USITT 2019!

We had an excellent time at USITT in Louisville.

I signed all of the copies of Volume 2 and drew tons of doodles (propcat was especially popular this year). And you nerds brought it tons of weird crap for me to sign.  The list of unusual items I’ve signed now includes: a water bottle, a rescue inhaler, a rubber duckie, TWO resumes (please someone hire both of them), a kid’s fan art of Wuggles, a light plot, a Nerds plushie, and a knee brace.

And, as is now tradition, our own little gremlin La Ropasucia got up to no good on the Stage Expo floor.


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If you want to see the mischief in real time, and for some videos (and pictures of my cats), you should follow Q2Q on instagram, too. 

Saturday I even co-presented a session on Body Mic techniques with Chris of DPA Microphones. So I got to flex some of my audio muscles and share drop some knowledge on likeminded folks. It was a lot of fun and not something that I get to do very often.

We’re glad to be home, but things are in flux here as Liz and I prepare to move away from Ohio, and on to Boston (and then I immediately turn around and head for St Louis) so things are very hectic around here. But I’m glad we got to see so many of our friends at the conference and that we got to meet so many of you at the signing!

We’ll see you next year in Houston!



Book Signing! USITT 2019 in Louisville, KY!

Hiya, Folks! It’s that time of year again. USITT is right around the corner. This year it’s in Louisville, KY! And, once again, I will be at the conference doing a book signing in conjunction with the USITT bookstore!

Friday March 22nd from 4pm to 530pm on the Scene Design Stage on the Stage Expo floor!

Copies of Q2Q Comics Volume 2 will be available in the USITT Bookstore. But I’ll sign just about anything you put in front of me. I will be doing character sketches and there will be stickers and other goodies to be had at the signing table, so stop on by!

Liz, several La Ropasucias, Blorp and I will also be out wandering the Conference and Stage Expo from Wednesday through Saturday, so if you see us upstanding citizens and the little Gremlins around, feel free to say hi! We’re friendly.


Q2Q Volume 2 Available for Pre-Order!

Reserve your copy here!

Q2Q Comics Volume 2 is finally available for pre-order in the Q2Q Shop!

Volume 2 includes comics #221 through #440, commentary by that Steve guy, all of the holiday bonus comics from the first 4 years of the comic, a “How to Draw Wuggles” tutorial, and other assorted goodies.

Pre-orders be the first group to ship after the Kickstarter rewards are fulfilled. Pre-orders are expected to begin shipping in Feb 2019.

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a Shop Sale and Pictures of Volume 2!

Hi Folks!

It’s time for our annual Thanksgiving Sale!

20% off your entire order from the Q2Q Shop with the code “TURKEY”!

And it’s valid from Thursday Through Monday!

In other news, I’m taking the week off to spend time with my non-theatre family. Regular comics will resume on Monday.

OH, and  I got the production sample of Volume 2 in! Check out this beauty:

The books are currently en route to me and the instant they’re in my possession I’ll be filling Kickstarter orders and shortly they’ll be up for pre-order in the shop. I’ll be sure to let you all know when it’s all set.