May 2022 Update

Hello dear readers. 

To say the quiet part out loud: this has been a properly terrible year, season, time? I had Covid twice, despite my best efforts and vaccinations. Then was being worked into the ground with the return of classes. And, to no one’s surprise, I then got pretty seriously injured and haven’t been able to sit up in a chair let alone draw for a quite a while. Suffice it to say I’ve had a number of mental health issues on top of everything else. Who wouldn’t?

This comic is a victory in as far as I was able to make it at all. I no longer respond to any messages asking where the comics are or where I’ve gone because I haven’t gone anywhere. I’ve been unable to make anything for quite some time. And not making these comics has been much, much worse for me than for anyone else. 

I wanted to announce here my plan for the next steps of Q2Q Comics. 

I’ll be compiling an omnibus of all of my Q2Q Comics as a single volume. This means starting from the beginning an undertaking a major redrawing project. Look, some of the early comics don’t hold up for their content and need to be expanded to feature the current cast of characters and some need to be scrapped entirely. Either way, they all need to be redrawn and standardized for print size and resolution. I’ll be making a concerted effort to retain the charm of the first batch of comics, while only modernizing the techniques. You’ll be able to see everything I’m working on here.  

That said, some comics are unsalvageable. I have my opinions, but if you have comics from the first 200 that are your absolute favorite strips, let me know and I’ll put them in the keep pile. Also let me know if you strongly want a volume 3 in addition to the omnibus. I really just want everything all in one place in a proper collection of the work.

Additionally, I can’t restock the shop at this time. It’ll just be books for a while, or forever. Shirts are heavy and difficult to manage for me, so it’s really a nonstarter. But I’ll draw Sad Wuggles on all your books forever. 

Thanks folks.