Reuse Policy

If you would like to reuse or reproduce all or part of a Q2Q Comics strip, please read these guidelines first.

Can I put Q2Q Comics on my website?

Are you a designer, technician, director, stage manager, theatrical or stage employee, theatre company, non-profit, theatre education facility, or anything even vaguely related to theatre or theaters or arts education? Is it a non-commercial website? Then sure! All I ask is that you use the comic in its entirety, do not remove the Q2Q Comics tag, and provide a credit link back to the Q2Q Comics website.

If you aren’t sure if you qualify, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Can I use all or part of a comic in my social media profile or page?

Sure! Profile pictures, header images, cover photos, forum avatars, it’s all good so long as you’re not selling them, but please credit Q2Q Comics and, if possible, provide a link back. If you would like to post a comic on Tumblr, please check my page first and reblog from the original if possible.

Can I translate your comic into another language? 

This is tricky. I would love to have the comics accessible to as broad an audience as possible, but I also don’t appreciate having my images edited, so it’s best to contact me ask me about what you plan to do. Adding a parallel translation of a comic to a post on Facebook, Tumblr, etc., is super cool and I am a fan of it.

How do you feel about fan art?

I love fan art. I want to see all of it. Send it to me and I might repost them:

Can I post Q2Q Comics in my theater or booth?

Do it. I think that’s cool. So long as it isn’t vandalism. Send me pictures and I might repost them:

Can I use Q2Q Comics in my magazine/newsletter?

If your publication is published by

  • a school, or
  • a nonprofit organization associated with theatre or arts education, and
  • is free, and
  • has a circulation under 500 per issue

You can include up to one comic strip per issue, up to 12 per year, for free. The image must be printed in its entirety, including the Q2Q Comics tag, and the Q2Q Comics web address must be included.

If you would like to use Q2Q Comics in any other print media, or if you don’t meet the exception above, please contact me for rates.

Can I use Q2Q Comics in my book?

Probably. Please contact me for permission and rates. This includes non-profits and for profit publishers.

Can I use Q2Q Comics for my presentation/essay/article/poster/etc.?

Please contact me for permission before using any comics in a way not outlined above. I need to know which strips and exactly how you intend to use them. I’m pretty easy going, but I don’t like being surprised.

I also think it’s pretty cool to see Q2Q Comics used in the classroom, but please remember that I am not writing a primer on stage management/lighting/sound/directing/etc.

Can I use Q2Q Comics to market or promote my business/product/service/etc.?

Contact me. There will probably be licensing fee. If you’re thinking about doing this at all, contact me. I really don’t like seeing my comics being used to sell things that I didn’t agree to.

Can I train an AI art program using Q2Q Comics?


Can I … ?

For anything not covered above, please contact me.


The characters are copyrighted, so, please do not use their likenesses in anyway except as part a strip reproduced in its entirety, or as outlined above. These terms are all subject to change.

I make most of my living producing Q2Q Comics, and reproduction of strips and the likenesses of the characters is part of that. Use common sense, and don’t steal.