Happy Thanksgiving! Have a Shop Sale and Pictures of Volume 2!

Hi Folks!

It’s time for our annual Thanksgiving Sale!

20% off your entire order from the Q2Q Shop with the code “TURKEY”!

And it’s valid from Thursday Through Monday!

In other news, I’m taking the week off to spend time with my non-theatre family. Regular comics will resume on Monday.

OH, and  I got the production sample of Volume 2 in! Check out this beauty:

The books are currently en route to me and the instant they’re in my possession I’ll be filling Kickstarter orders and shortly they’ll be up for pre-order in the shop. I’ll be sure to let you all know when it’s all set.



5th Annual Q2Q Comics Costume Contest Winners!

And the winners of the 5th Annual Q2Q Comics Costume Contest are…

Runner Up: Naomi as Morty

Naomi as Morty

Runner Up: Louise as Morty and Ben as Dishrag

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First Prize: Rachel as La Ropasucia

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Congratulations to the winners!

Thanks to everyone that submitted. The costumes, as always, were spectacular. Let’s do this again next year!


Costume Contest Submissions Close Tonight!

This is it folks. Today is the last day to get your entries for the costume contest in. Submissions close tonight at midnight. The winners will be announced tomorrow!

If you want your chance to win some original art, or prints, send me your best Morty, Wuggles, Cass, or any member of the Q2Q Crew!

5th Annual Q2Q Comics Costume Contest!

It’s October, so of course we’re doing the costume contest again! Submit photographic proof of you dressed as your favorite Q2Q Comics character for Halloween and you can win fabulous prizes! Creativity, effort, and attention to detail will all help you earn points. You can enter by yourself, with a friend, or as a whole danged group if you want.

Top prizes this year include original art from a comic including your favorite character, a signed and doodled copy of Q2Q Comics Volume 1, and signed prints!

Send your entries to shop@q2qcomics.com with “Costume Contest” in the subject line by midnight on 11/1 to enter. I’ll announce the winners on 11/2.

Have at it!

Oh and check out some of the past years’ winners, too:

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Q2Q Interview on Silk Flowers and Papier Mache Hearts!

Hi Folks!

I did an interview with Ashley Flowers and Erik Hart’s props podcast Silk Flowers and Papier Mache Hearts!

It’s broken up into two parts, and part 1 is available to listen to right now with part 2 being dropped soon. In the first part we talk mostly about the comic and in the second we get into the relationship between props and sound, and we dive into foley, field recording, and sound effects.

You can listen the first part here. 


Part 2 is up now!

You can listen to part 2 here!

I highly recommend checking out the rest of the podcast and following them.