Kickstarter Update: Approaching 3rd Stretch Goal!

There’s only 15 hours left to back the Q2Q Comics Volume 2 Kickstarter!  Click here to reserve your copy!

We’re already 260% funded and have hit the first two stretch goals and we are very, very close to clearing the third stretch goal which would net everyone who’s getting a book a pack of Cryptid Stickers! Want a La Ropasucia to mischief your road case or laptop? Bam. How about a Blorp to protect your paint cabinet? Boom. Maybe a prop cat too? I don’t know, maybe so!

If you want to make sure you get a copy of the Kickstarter edition of Volume 2, you’ve gotta back the campaign before it ends.

If you read the other updates and thought “Dang, I really should back that. I’ll do that later…” well, now is about as late as it gets. There’s not any later after this.

We’ve even got a few mystery boxes still available in the last group, in case you missed it the first go round and really wanted it. Go for it!