Book Signing at USITT in SLC!

I’ll be at the USITT conference again this year! It’s in what I can only assume is beautiful Salt Lake City. I’ll probably be wandering around the stage expo most of the time all slack jawed and awestruck by all the cool stuff. So, you could try to catch me there, just don’t sneak up on me because I know Tae Kwon Do and, while I might be rusty, those instincts are still intact. So watch out!


USITT 2015

OR! (and I would prefer this) you could just catch me during the scheduled Book Signing event on Saturday 3/19 at 10am!

There’ll be copies of the book for sale at the USITT Bookstore during the conference along with some t-shirts (including the return of the Thank You Five shirt!) and a selection of prints (Anatomy prints for each character, and a couple of different full comics). We’ll also have original artwork from the comics for sale during the signing. And while it’s called a “book signing,” don’t let the name fool you; I’ll sign anything put in front of me. That’s an exaggeration. No it’s not. Either way, we can test the limits of that statement on 3/19.

Or you could come to the Young Designers and Technicians awards on Thursday at 10am and listen to me give a, what’s it called? Remarky talky thing? A speech! That’s the one. You heard it right: they somehow managed to talk me into speaking at the YD&T Awards. I’ll do my best.

Here’s a lovely article from USITT’s Sightlines announcing what all I’m doing at the conference.