Kickstarter Update: 200% Funded and Hardback Books!

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 7.33.34 PM

The Q2Q Comics Vol. 1 Kickstarter Campaign is still going strong!

With a little over 2 weeks to go, we are 200% funded and have just passed the third stretch goal! This means that every copy of the book ordered through the Kickstarter will now be hardback instead of paperback. That’s not a thing that I’m going to do with the regular future printings of this book, so if you want it hardback, the only way to get it is going to be through the Kickstarter.

Thanks again for all of the support! Even those who can’t back the project, thanks for sharing the link with your friends and co-workers. That’s an invaluable way to contribute, and I appreciate it.