Q2Q Comics #40: Cryptozoology

Q2Q 40

Morty is addressing the actors.
M: O.K. people, I have to warn you about the previously undiscovered animal living in our dressing room …
Images of a monster that looks like a horned rat, but is the size of a small dog with features that are both mammalian and reptilian. It can be seen hiding in a pile of clothes, eating on the make-up table, and hiding behind the toilet.
M: We’ve named the creature “LA ROPASUCIA” for its apparent preference for living in heaps of soiled costumes.
M: Though reptilian in appearance, its diet consists of food and drinks left on the make-up stations.
M: While it seems to understand the concept of a toilet, the flush seems to be beyond its abilities.
M: We are confident in the existence of LA ROPASUCIA since no group of ADULT HUMAN BEINGS could have possibly left the dressing room in that state. THANKS!