Q2Q Comics #375: Lumber Friend-venture


Q2Q Comics #53: Work Call

Q2Q 53

Morty enters the theater where Cass is building. Probably screwing in the decking.
“VRRRR!” goes the drill.
M: O.K. Cass, Help is here! What are we building?
C: Nothing. Go home. I don’t need help.
M: But your email said today was a work call.
C: “Work Call” i what I say when I don’t want people in the space! If I’d wanted people here, I’d have said there’d be pizza.
M: (dejected) But I brought my own hammer.

Q2Q Comics #50: Gotta Love Converted Spaces

Q2Q 50

Cass and Steve are carrying plywood down a flight of stairs.
C: I would eat all the unlabeled food in the backstage fridge.
S: Gross. Uh … I would design a show using only “Girl From Ipanema.”
C: (off) Nice. I would build an entire set using only stripped screws.
S: I would eat my breakfast everyday from the slop sink.
Morty meets them at the bottom of the stairs.
M: What are you talking about?
C: We’re playing “What Would You Do for a Loading Dock?”

Sorry for the late comic. It’s tech week for me.


Q2Q Comics #31 – Hit It With A Hammer

Q2Q 31

Cass is wielding a hammer at the work bench.
Narrator: Sometimes you have to hit it with a hammer until it breaks. Sometimes “IT” is a stuffed animal.
Cass is hitting a teddy bear with that hammer. Yikes.
C: I have a weird job.

Q2Q Comics #29: Charts Don’t Lie

Q2Q 29Charts man, it’s difficult to argue with them.

Morty is giving Cass some set notes.
M: We need to add 7 feet to the stage left platform before tomorrow without spending any more money, and it needs to be sturdy enough to be danced on.
C: Impossible
Cass whips out the golden triangle chart. You can have two of the three: Good, cheap or quick. Good and quick is expensive. Cheap and quick is low quality. Cheap and good is slow.
C: As the chart clearly shows, if you want it quick and cheap, it won’t be good.
Morty writes in her book while Cass threatens her with a pointer.
“Scribble, scribble,” goes Morty’s pencil.
C: I see your unrealistic expectations and raise you one chart!
Morty reveals the flow chart she was making. It says: The Sm told you to do something -> Blah blah blah. Excuses, charts -> DO IT!
M: I can do that, too.

Q2Q Comics #22: Superstitious

Q2Q 22-Steve

Cass is alone in the theatre. She looks right. She looks left.
C: Hrmm …
C: (with spooky fingers) MACB —
Morty pops up from the seats and puts her hand over Cass’ mouth.
“!,” denotes the surprise of Cass.
M: Finish that word and we are going to have problems.