Q2Q Comics #53: Work Call

Q2Q 53

Morty enters the theater where Cass is building. Probably screwing in the decking.
“VRRRR!” goes the drill.
M: O.K. Cass, Help is here! What are we building?
C: Nothing. Go home. I don’t need help.
M: But your email said today was a work call.
C: “Work Call” i what I say when I don’t want people in the space! If I’d wanted people here, I’d have said there’d be pizza.
M: (dejected) But I brought my own hammer.

Q2Q Comics #50: Gotta Love Converted Spaces

Q2Q 50

Cass and Steve are carrying plywood down a flight of stairs.
C: I would eat all the unlabeled food in the backstage fridge.
S: Gross. Uh … I would design a show using only “Girl From Ipanema.”
C: (off) Nice. I would build an entire set using only stripped screws.
S: I would eat my breakfast everyday from the slop sink.
Morty meets them at the bottom of the stairs.
M: What are you talking about?
C: We’re playing “What Would You Do for a Loading Dock?”

Sorry for the late comic. It’s tech week for me.