Q2Q Comics #158: Costuming the Crew

Q2Q 158

Q2Q Comics #45: Burning Through Gel

Q2Q 45

Wuggles is on a ladder working on a light while Morty inspects a burned through gel.
W: The lamp height is fine. We shouldn’t be going through gel like this …
M: I think I know who the culprit could be …
Two La Ropasucia’s play on the grid, pulling out the gel, and, holy shit they can breathe fire! They melt the gel.
“FWOOSH!” the fire goes.

Q2Q Comics #44: Sorting

Q2Q 44

Eli is in the theatre seats talking to Morty who is back in the Booth.
E: Are you ready in the booth?
M: Hang on … We’re SORTING out something important.
Wuggles, Steve and Morty are in the booth arguing.
S: (to Wuggles) Is that a question? You’re obviously a HUFFLEPUFF.
W: (to Steve) Oh YEAH?! And what are you supposed to be?
S: (like a douche) RAVENCLAW, KA-DURR.
M: Guys! C’mon, seriously?
M: Steve’s a SLYTHERIN. Wuggles, I’m sorry, but you totally are a HUFFLEPUFF. and I’m clearly a RAVENCLAW.

Q2Q Comics #21: Design By Intimidation

Q2Q 21

Sharon and Eli are discussing costuming options.
S: … and I see all the ladies in gorgeous regency gowns with the poofs and the plumes and the ruffles …
E: Well, actually …
E: I was kinda thinking of, uh, something more, uh, modern?
S: Nope. No nononono No.
S: (grabbing Eli by the shirt and lifting him up) You want regency gowns, right?
E: Y-YES! With the POOFS! Uh, and the PLUMES! And EVERYTHING!
S: (dropping him) I knew we were on the same page!