Q2Q Comics #44: Sorting

Q2Q 44

Eli is in the theatre seats talking to Morty who is back in the Booth.
E: Are you ready in the booth?
M: Hang on … We’re SORTING out something important.
Wuggles, Steve and Morty are in the booth arguing.
S: (to Wuggles) Is that a question? You’re obviously a HUFFLEPUFF.
W: (to Steve) Oh YEAH?! And what are you supposed to be?
S: (like a douche) RAVENCLAW, KA-DURR.
M: Guys! C’mon, seriously?
M: Steve’s a SLYTHERIN. Wuggles, I’m sorry, but you totally are a HUFFLEPUFF. and I’m clearly a RAVENCLAW.

Q2Q Comics #36: Seconded

Q2Q 36

Eli, Steve, Wuggles, and Morty are at the conference table.
E: And since the show shouldn’t be TOO tech heavy, I think we can get about with an hour or two for cue to cue.
S: (like a douche) I move that we stop pretending that we won’t expand to fill the time available and just go ahead and schedule a ten to ten.
W: Seconded.
M: All in favor?
S: Aye.
W: Aye.
M: Aye. All opposed? Motion carries.
Because Robert’s Rules of Order are funny, right?

Q2Q Comics #26: Gaff of Thrones

Q2Q 26

Morty is pulling her hair out.
Meanwhile … somewhere in the booth. It’s a spooky castle. Lightning crashes.
Wuggles sits in a throne of gaff, surround by rolls of sweet 2 inch black vinyl cloth tape.
W: TECH WEEK is coming.