Q2Q Comics #13: Splash Zone

Q2Q 13

Morty approaches Steve and Wuggles who are covered in stage blood.
M: While I’m glad to see that squib shape bingo was a success, did you really need to stand in the splash zone?
Steve and Wuggles look at each other.
S: Yes.
W: Duh.

Q2Q Comics #12: Squib Stain Bingo

Steve is dressed in a hazmat suit and goggles with a hood. He holds up some kind of button.
S: 3… 2… 1…
Steve presses the button and a squib on Wuggle’s chest explodes. Steve is covered in something red.
S: Boom.
“Click,” says the button joyfully.
“Sploosh!” goes the squib.
W: And we have WEST VIRGINIA!
S: Ha! Bingo!