Q2Q Comics #326: Who Are We Holding For?



Q2Q Beach Retreat!

Q2Q Beach Trip

Every January my home theatre company, the MET,  has a company retreat to Surfside, SC. I’ve been hanging out in the beach house, reading plays, and maybe having a few drinks with some of the most talented artists I know. In light of this mini-vacation there won’t be a f’real comic today, but enjoy this doodle of the Q2Q gang having a day at the beach. Regular comics to resume on Wednesday.

Q2Q Comics #61: What Hum?

Q2Q 61

Wuggles: Where is that hum coming from?
Steve: I Don’t know. Probably from one of the dimmer packs.
W: Can’t be. None of them are operating under a load. Ground Loop?
S: Shouldn’t be. are there raccoons in the grid again?
W: Nope. Has it always been there?
S: I don’t think so. Is the air conditioning still on?
W: It’s off. Ignore it and hope it goes away?
S: Deal.
Leo: Hey, do you hear that hum?
W: What hum?
S: I don’t hear anything.

Q2Q Comics #58: Top of the Show

Q2Q 58

Morty and Wuggles walking into the theatre.
M: Are you ready for Cue to Cue today, Wuggles?
W: Yes’m. I’ve got everything through lights up on Act I ready.
M: What?! That’s almost nothing!
W: Are you kidding that’s the TOP OF THE SHOW!
W: That will easily take us until LUNCH.
M: Good point.

Q2Q Comics #52: Concessions for Dinner

Q2Q 52

Morty and Wuggles are eating dinner. Fast food from Doomsday Sandwiches again.
M: I am really tired of eating all this fast food.
W: Yeah, me too …
W: But at least we haven’t been reduced to raiding CONCESSIONS like some kind of WILD ANIMALS.
Steve sits down next to them with dozens of bags of chips, candy bars, and soda. Morty and Wuggles are aghast.
S: HEESSSKK! My food! Not for you! Go away!

Q2Q Comics #50: Gotta Love Converted Spaces

Q2Q 50

Cass and Steve are carrying plywood down a flight of stairs.
C: I would eat all the unlabeled food in the backstage fridge.
S: Gross. Uh … I would design a show using only “Girl From Ipanema.”
C: (off) Nice. I would build an entire set using only stripped screws.
S: I would eat my breakfast everyday from the slop sink.
Morty meets them at the bottom of the stairs.
M: What are you talking about?
C: We’re playing “What Would You Do for a Loading Dock?”

Sorry for the late comic. It’s tech week for me.