Q2Q Comics #21: Design By Intimidation

Q2Q 21

Sharon and Eli are discussing costuming options.
S: … and I see all the ladies in gorgeous regency gowns with the poofs and the plumes and the ruffles …
E: Well, actually …
E: I was kinda thinking of, uh, something more, uh, modern?
S: Nope. No nononono No.
S: (grabbing Eli by the shirt and lifting him up) You want regency gowns, right?
E: Y-YES! With the POOFS! Uh, and the PLUMES! And EVERYTHING!
S: (dropping him) I knew we were on the same page!

Q2Q Comics #18: Rounding

Q2Q 18

Leo and Cass are discussing a set design.
C: When this says 4’3″, what do you mean?
L: It means that I want that flat to be 4’3″ wide.
L: Uh, yeah. I mean, I think so …
C: You do realize that I’m going to round everything to the nearest four feet. You know that, RIGHT?

Q2Q Comics #14: Who Am I?

Q2Q 14

Wuggles all by his lonesome.
W: Wait, wait! Who am I?
He pulls his shirt over his head.
W: Hamlet! Get it?
W: ‘Cause he’s crazy!

Q2Q Comics #13: Splash Zone

Q2Q 13

Morty approaches Steve and Wuggles who are covered in stage blood.
M: While I’m glad to see that squib shape bingo was a success, did you really need to stand in the splash zone?
Steve and Wuggles look at each other.
S: Yes.
W: Duh.